Swimming Pool Maintenance Spain

Swimming Pool Maintenance and Cleaning

For all your swimming pool maintenance and cleaning needs on the Costa Blanca all year round.

For those lucky enough to have a private swimming pool, cleaning and maintaining it is an essential part of property ownership.

Due to the hot weather here in Spain, a pool that is not regularly maintained and chemically treated can quickly lead to the growth of bacteria, causing infections – especially in children. Any owner renting their property should be aware that cutting corners and avoiding paying for this essential service can result in claims being made against them.

All pools are individually priced on a yearly basis and include all chemicals. The pool contract consists of twice weekly pool cleaning during May to September, and weekly visit during the October to April. Chemical levels will be closely monitored, the pool will be cleared of all floating debris, and the water will be left crystal clear for enjoyable and safe swimming.

Our experienced pool maintenance team will usually be in and out within an hour, causing the minimum inconvenience to either yourselves or your guests.

A yearly pool cleaning contract can cover all of the above and more, for an average cost of 60 Euros per month (including all chemicals).

We can also provide and fit Salt Chlorine Generators – which will remove the need for any regular pool maintenance and sanitize your pool or spa without chemicals. With these fully automatic systems, you never have to buy Chlorine or suffer any of its unwanted side effects such as green hair, irritated skin or faded swim wear again. With these systems, you just set it and forget it! – More information on Salt Chlorine Generators and Chlorine Free Pools>>

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