Salt Chlorine Generators Spain

Salt Chlorine Generators for a Chlorine Free Swimming Pool

Salt Chlorine Generators remove the need for any regular pool maintenance and sanitize your pool without chemicals. They are fully automatic chlorine free systems – you never have to buy chlorine or suffer any of its unwanted side effects such as green hair, irritated skin or faded swim wear again. With these systems, you just set it and forget it!

You get to enjoy pure fresh clean water in your swimming pool. For the health, safety and comfort of you, your children and guests you want clean, sparkling water in your swimming pool. With this system, your pool water will retain a constant low level of ph-balanced chlorine that purifies your water while making it soft and silky to the touch. It leaves your hair and skin feeling luxurious, pampered.

If you are interested in having a chlorine free swimming pool – we can take you to a local pool with the system installed and you can see and feel the benefits for yourself!

Once installed, you have only to hit the boost cycle on the digital box when the weather conditions are extreme or the pool experiences unusually heavy use.

This Salt Chlorine system recycles the harmful by-product of spent chlorine (chloramines) back into salt, which in turn converts that back to free chlorine, providing a continuous fresh supply of chlorine at the correct PH – eliminating the harmful chloramines which causes the side effects we all know – those strong Chlorine smells – red eyes – itchy skin – green hair – faded swimwear etc.


  • The only SCG operating on 2.5% Salt concentrations – meaning it has no taste
  • The only SCG that is fully automatic
  • Produces Free chlorine at the correct PH range – no PH controller is required
  • Compensates for temperature variations automatically.
  • Never buy chlorine again
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Soft, silky water
  • Energy efficient
  • No maintenance – automatic cleaning
  • Easily installed in new or existing pools

Common Pool Problems:

Low PH balance causes:

  • Pitting of concrete
  • Metal Dissolve
  • Staining of walls
  • Non-balance problems
  • Skin/eye irritation

High PH causes:

  • Reduced water circulation
  • Cloudy pool water
  • Increased algae growth
  • Chlorine inefficiency
  • Skin/eye irritation

This fully automatic cost effective system eliminates all of the above problems! The Salt chlorine generator self cleaning systems are operated by a digital electronic power supply which indicate on the display panel when salt is needed – how much and when. Generally a monthly check is all that is needed. Apart from this, absolutely no maintenance is needed!

This is the best investment you could make for your swimming pool and full installation normally takes under three hours. For further information on salt chlorine generators and chlorine free pools in Spain, please contact us.

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