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Property Maintenance, Costa Blanca, Spain

Owning a holiday, or second home in Spain should be a dream come true, but in some circumstances, the dream can quickly become a nightmare – Valencian ‘land grabs’, crooked developers & sales agents, illegally built properties are a few of the problems that can arise with the purchase and ownership of your Spanish property.

Once the purchase has been made, other problems can arise If you do not intend to stay there long term – water damage, electrical problems and insect infestations are common problems here in Spain and can de-value your property.

property maintenance, costa blanca Spain

Property Maintenance is an overall part of property ownership, we all know that – but what do you do if your property is 2,000 miles away?

Why use a professional Management and Maintenance Services Company?

a) To guarantee that your investment receives the best possible care and attention so you can be assured that your home is secure and in safe hands.

b) A property that is obviously visited regularly is less likely to be targeted for burglary!!!
Being burgled is not something we like to think about – we all believe that ‘it cannot happen to us’. The reality though is that it can be you, and if it is, make sure that it is reported immediately to the police also to the insurance company. Regrettably our clients tend to request our services after the event. By introducing simple precautions the ‘nasty man’ could have chosen your neighbour’s house instead.

c) If you’re not in Spain yourself, you need to know that there’s someone on hand who you can trust to ensure everything runs smoothly. What happens if the toilet doesn’t flush, a window gets broken, or the swimming pool pump breaks down?

d) To keep the property free from the ‘element problems’ – mainly damp and mould growth which are unfortunately a significant problem with homes on the Costa Blanca.

When you visit your Spanish home, it is unlikely that you wish to spend time cleaning, mending and finding local contractors instead of relaxing and enjoying yourself, and it is under circumstances like these that employing a management company can truly be of benefit. We can arrange for tradesmen to take care of these specific problems on your behalf, leaving you to relax and enjoy your Spanish home.

When you’ve got keyholding, cleaning, and villa management covered, all that’s left for you and your family to do is to arrive prepared for a refreshing and relaxing Costa Blanca holiday.

Why should I pay for a management/ maintenance services Contract?

A Property management service is there for the purposes of giving owners peace of mind – a local number to call for guests visiting the property, and ‘your eye in Spain’, keeping a regular check on the property. Many owners ask why they have to pay an annual fee and often request that we supply rentals and cleaning only. However, they still expect us to be ‘on call’ to sort out any problems when any problems arise. Many owners rely on the fact that they have a ‘new’ property – but deterioration begins the day that construction ceases and things can, and do, go wrong.

Guests staying in the property are given help and assistance if required to enjoy their stay in your home and owners will begin to see the importance of local representation. When an owner is charging £800 per week for their property, visitors need to know that their money has been well spent and that they will enjoy their holiday. It is encouraging for them to know that they can call a local number here in Spain and get any problems sorted out immediately.

A good service generally results in repeat bookings so in this instance, both the guest and the owner is happy. What does it cost the owner who is making £800 a week for at least 6 weeks peak season? A management contract on a 3 bed villa with pool per week is £12.50 including keyholding, property checks and advertising for rental property.

Our cleaners and maintenance team will ensure that your property is maintained and cleaned for your guests to the high standards you would expect for yourself.

During the course of property inspections throughout the year, maintenance or repair situations may arise. These will be notified to you immediately and we will be happy to provide you with quotes for any work that needs doing. Emergency work may be undertaken immediately, depending on the situation.

We provide keys for any incoming guests generated from our bookings. However, should you require keys to be provided for the arrival of your own guests, a charge will be levied. Any alternative key collection arrangement will be entirely at owner’s risk. We are only able to take responsibility for the property or any of its contents when we are sole key holders.

If owners arrange for any maintenance work to be carried out with private contractors and wish us to provide keys, then we must have written authorisation.

There is a vast difference between a legal and professional property management and maintenance company and your ‘friend’ down the road. How are you going to deal with that friend when things go wrong – after all he’s doing you a favour isn’t he? Unfortunately, in order to ‘cut costs’, many owners choose the friend first, and switch to a professional company when things start to go wrong. Many of our emails from property owners who have tried to cut corners tell stories of properties being rented without owners knowledge, ‘managers’ taking money taken for rentals and then disappearing, properties not being satisfactorily cleaned when guests arrive, and worse still a couple of occasions when clients have booked and paid for a holiday and arrive to find there are no keys available and they are unable to contact the ‘manager’ who rented it to them.

We offer a broad range of services and price discounts under an annual management contract, but unfortunately, we cannot offer these services for free! See our annual maintenance services prices >> – it may be cheaper than you think !

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A yearly property maintenance services contract can cover all of the above and more – please enquire