Costa Blanca Property Advertising

*Delivering results fast!* – Advertising your property sales & rentals

Where else but the internet are you likely to find 1.000’s of potential clients per day? For less than the price of an average one-day newspaper or magazine ad, we provide you with highly targeted internet advertising for Costa Blanca Property all year round.

When someone buys a newspaper or magazine, they could be looking for many things. When internet users visit Citrus Iberia, they are searching for one of two things – Costa Blanca Property for Sale or  property for rent – successful marketing is all about reaching your target audience and where better than a site dedicated to property in one targeted area?  We concentrate only on the north Costa Blanca area – so your properties won’t get lost in the masses of villas and apartments advertised for sale and rent in the south!

Advertisers only need one holiday booking from us and their advertising fee is more than covered – all the rest is clear profit for the remainder of the year. Agents need only one sale to cover their internet advertising for years.

We accept that there are other marketing property advertisers on the Internet which offer either a cheaper service, or completely free listing. However, we have yet to find one of these which offers anywhere near the same level of service we give our clients….and, more importantly, gets the desired results!

There’s no point having a cheap or free listing if you don’t get the level of enquiries you want. We could of course offer free listings – but at the end of the day you get what you pay for! If we gave cheaper listings we would inevitably have to reduce our level of service, and I have no doubt whatsoever that our success rate in terms of visitor statistics, enquiries and customer support would decline.

Property Advertising – Specific to the Cost Blanca North

We are constantly researching the most popular key phrases which people use when searching for Costa Blanca properties for sale, holiday or long term rentals and these aren’t always the most obvious to the casual observer. For example, many Americans use expressions like “vacation accommodations” which no British person would think to enter as a search query! We create and promote pages geared to these key phrases to ensure we maintain our visibility and site visitor levels.

Ads that run for a longer period of time are often more successful due to the nature of the internet. Ads running less than 3 months have less likelihood of being picked up by the search engines.

If you are looking at Costa Blanca property advertising for your holiday home or long term rental, take advantage of our cheap advertising fees – just £30 a year for a full page + photos.  We also have a services directory, so if you are providing any type of property service in the area, please contact us for a free listing.