Spain Produces its Own Vodka

Bye Bye Russian Vodka
Corn Fields, used to produce Spanish VodkaThe vodka has ceased to be an exclusively Slavic drink. Javier Juarez, a student at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (Alicante, Spain), has prepared a vodka from corn produced in the southernmost region of Valencia, La Vega Baja. This drink, with a ranking of 38th and remarkable flavors of corn, has also been the subject of his thesis: “Optimization of the process of making vodka from corn (Zea mays L.).”

The vodka vegabajense born full of promise. In La Vega Baja, gardener region where they exist, corn is a very common crop used as animal feed. Its production has grown in recent years. Juarez argues that the surplus “could be used as a basis for other product” as the vodka.

The idea is not bad Juárez since vodka can be made with various products of the earth, from corn to potatoes. Always with grain or starch rich plant, energy source for humans and feed for yeasts convert starch into alcohol.

Its creator thinks it’s a good way to dispose of agricultural surpluses.

The Russian drink reference broth own digestive Slavic peoples, has recently been extended by the Scandinavian countries, there are even American and Japanese producers. The idea came to Juarez while Poland enjoyed an Erasmus grant a unique opportunity for many people without the possibility of studying outside their homes opt to do and also learn a language and, perhaps, to notice some idea .

During his internship at a winery Polish Juarez noted that his boss would make wine, generally a product imported into the Baltic country, and sold as a gourmet product. He took the idea and turned it over. With its know how in Polish head, he returned to Spain and in the laboratory and pilot extraction juices of the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology UMH made ​​from grinding grain to liquid fermentation and distillation plant.

The result is a vodka with notes of corn 38th, packaging and labeling on a bottle of 100 millimeters. Juárez has called his creature Siscarana Vodka. Russians living in La Vega Baja (only in Torrevieja there are 5,000 census) may be in luck – and also the corn producers of Spain.

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