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property management spain for holiday or rental propertiesFor absent owners, finding someone trustworthy to look after your property in your absence is essential. Problems can arise whilst the property is empty, i.e. water damage, electrical problems and insect infestations, which are common problems here in Spain and can de-value your property. There are many management companies based throughout Spain, but choosing the right one can be difficult.

Ex-pats operating illegally from homes are offering Property Management Services to property owners. Some owners, on the presumption that they are getting better value for money (ie a cheap service) are handing keys to these individuals along with the consequent risks. These illegal traders are not insured (they cannot be insured as they are not traders) therefore, you personally will be liable for loses or damages if your property is burgled. The Spanish Authorities are clamping down on this type of activity as the majority do not pay taxes on their earnings.

10 Good Reasons to use Professional Management Companies

    • To guarantee that your investment receives the best possible care and attention from someone who is ‘on-hand’ here in Spain
    • A property that is obviously visited regularly is less likely to be targeted for burglary.
    • The knowledge that someone who you can trust is ensuring that everything runs smoothly. What happens if the toilet doesn’t flush, a window gets broken, or the swimming pool pump breaks down?
    • To keep the property free from the ‘element problems’ – mainly damp and mould growth which are unfortunately a significant problem with homes in Spain.
    • To ensure a high standard of cleanliness and maintenance
    • Regular testing of appliances
    • A property management company usually incorporates a letting agency, whose job is to make sure that your property gets good exposure to the rental market
    • Knowledge that someone is on hand with keys, should tradesmen need to enter the property or guests lose their keys
    • To forward post that will build up during long absences. Despite most owners using standing orders to pay bills, on occasion this system fails and services are not paid. Reminders not collected will result in termination of the service.
    • To nip any potential problems in the bud. Whether this be tenants overstaying their welcome or damaging the property, storm damage, a toilet that doesn’t flush, electrical problems, or simply a case of an overgrown garden – it is always nice to know you have a local company offering property management Spain.

When you visit your Spanish home, it is unlikely that you wish to spend time cleaning, mending and finding local contractors instead of relaxing and enjoying yourself, and it is under circumstances like these that employing a management company can truly be of benefit. They can arrange for tradesmen to take care of these specific problems on your behalf.

Being burgled is not something we like to think about – we all believe that ‘it cannot happen to us’. The reality though is that it can be you, and if is, you need to make sure that it is reported immediately to the police and your insurance company. Regrettably owners tend to request professional management services after the event. By introducing simple precautions the ‘nasty man’ could have chosen your neighbour’s house instead.

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