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Each month we publish a Spanish property newsletter covering various aspects of owning, buying or renting property in Spain as well as latest property for sale along the south coasts. If anyone has any particular views regarding the Spanish property market or property ownership in Spain, or would like to see an article they have written published here or in the newsletter, please do let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

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News & Information for Spanish Property Owners

Are you a non-resident in Spain?
Do you own a property on the Costa Blanca, Costa Calida or Almeria?

Owning a holiday, or second home in Spain should be a dream come true, but in some circumstances, the dream can quickly become a nightmare - Valencian ‘land grabs’, crooked developers & sales agents, illegally built properties are a few of the problems that can arise with the purchase and ownership of your Spanish property.

Once the purchase has been made, other problems can arise If you do not intend to stay there long term - water damage, electrical problems and insect infestations are common problems here in Spain and can de-value your property.

Using a Professional Property Management Company-

a) To guarantee that your investment receives the best possible care and attention so you can be assured that your home is secure and in safe hands.

b) A property that is obviously visited regularly is less likely to be targeted for burglary!!!

c) If you're not in Spain yourself, you need to know that there's someone on hand who you can trust to ensure everything runs smoothly. What happens if the toilet doesn't flush, a window gets broken, or the swimming pool pump breaks down?

d) To keep the property free from the ‘element problems’ - mainly damp and mould growth which are unfortunately a significant problem with homes on the Costa Blanca.

When you visit your Spanish home, it is unlikely that you wish to spend time cleaning, mending and finding local contractors instead of relaxing and enjoying yourself, and it is under circumstances like these that employing a management company can truly be of benefit. We can arrange for tradesmen to take care of these specific problems on your behalf.

Being burgled is not something we like to think about - we all believe that 'it cannot happen to us'. The reality though is that it can be you, and if is, make sure that it is reported immediately to the police also to the insurance company. Regrettably our clients tend to request our services after the event. By introducing simple precautions the 'nasty man' could have chosen your neighbour’s house instead.

Renting Your Spanish Holiday Home

As every year, the number of vacant rooms in hotels increase, and hoteliers on the Costa Blanca are complaining about the ever increasing number of private owners renting their holiday homes. This situation is forcing the Inland Revenue and other local authorities to enter measures to stop the illegal trading.

The legal status is as follows:
If you rent your home to holiday makers, you need to register your property with the Ministerio de Turismo (Ministry of Tourism) to ensure your property meets the minimum health and safety standards. At the same time, your records will be entered into the system and taxes (35% as non resident) will be required to be paid on the earnings produced for its rental.

Ex-pats operating illegally from homes are offering Property Management Services. Some property owners, on the presumption that they are getting better value for money (ie a cheap service) are handing keys to these individuals along with the consequent risks. These illegal traders are not insured (they cannot be insured as they are not traders) therefore, you personally will be liable for loses or damages if your property is burgled. The Spanish Authorities are also clamping down on this type of activity as the majority do not pay taxes on their earnings.

The vision of the directors of Travel Iberia Ltd and Citrus Villa Care, Costa Blanca has paid dividends, and non resident owners of property in Spain are able to conduct their business through us legally by allowing their “friends” to continue enjoying holidays in their private homes in Spain.

By making arrangements in the UK though our Citrus Iberia Ltd (UK) company while Citrus Iberia CB (Spain) carry out all the necessary services - including maintenance, changeover cleans, or damage repairs - on your property, this will make all transitions legal, both in the UK and Spain.

You can make a substantial income on your investment or just cover the annual costs associated with the ownership of a Spanish property by make use of it for holiday or longer term letting. More and more people are enquiring about long term letting – anything from 3 months – 1 year, especially around the Jalon Valley, and we have many clients waiting for property to become available.

We pride ourselves on our excellent level of service. We are a small business, and take great satisfaction in offering 'the personal touch', so often lacking with larger companies. We work with a team of totally trustworthy professionals whose services range from cleaning and villa maintenance to gardening and construction projects. Just give us a call and we'll sort out any problems for you, fast and with no fuss.

To win over potential or actual clients you have to show an interest in them and make them feel special. People are more likely to look after your property if they feel you have gone to a lot of trouble to make them feel comfortable and welcome. By using Citrus Iberia Property Management, we can do all that for you.

To avoid the problems of sending keys through the post, and guests losing them, we recommend the use of 'key boxes'. These are simple boxes which screw to the outside wall of your property, with a combination lock. With the right combination, the box opens and the front door key is inside. All other keys to the property are inside the villa/apartment. They are cheap, easy to install, and can help avoid a lot of the problems we have suffered this year with keys.

Our contact numbers are always available to both yourself, and your guests.

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