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Property Management Business - Franchise Opportunity in Spain

It is a fact that many Brits arrive in Spain and are unable to find work. No doubt, many non-Spanish speaking people of other Nationalities are having the same problem. Since the launch of the Citrus Iberia website, we have received many enquiries from both men and women asking for work - gardening, property maintenance, cleaning, or decorating. These enquiries, plus the fact that we are having to decline work for areas that we are unable to cover, has prompted the idea for this innovative new Franchise type business opportunity.

Because of our excellent marketing, we receive enquiries for all areas of Spain regarding our Property Management Services.

Many of the most popular holiday destinations are simply way beyond the vicinity that we can cover and we are constantly turning property owners away, unable to offer them our services.

There is a wealth of business opportunities in property management with enormous potential to build a lucrative and challenging business.

This is being marketed as a 'Business Opportunity', and does not follow the traditional franchise method - i.e. there are no ongoing profits or percentages payable after the intial fee.


If you're serious about venturing into the property management market, this is probably the best small investment you'll ever make. We already have an establshed name in the property management market with two offices on the Costa Blanca.

Advertising successfully on the internet and reaching a worldwide targeted audience is the best, and cheapest, form of advertising available - we will set up website pages for your chosen area, promote them, and organise your email addresses.

You could also put an advert each week in the local paper, but which one and how much? English or Spanish? We have tried it all over the past 3 years and can offer advice and information on the best way to go.

We will create your own localised pages on the Citrus Iberia website, and promote these pages to the search engines, and provide leads from our main website whilst you get established. We already have a list of owners waiting to hear if we can offer them property management services.

Marketing is a specialised field - not everyone has the attributes required. We have already researched our market, have links on many popular, successful and RELEVANT websites, and placed adverts both online and in newspapers.

What skills do I need?

Basically - energy, commitment, honesty and people skills. You will also need to be able to keep records of accounts for your owners and yourself and a diary for changeovers, meetings, deposit returns etc.

Establishing a trusting relationship is crucial in this business, and regular contact with your site visitors and owners via email is essential as you will be managing the financial side for your owners and holding the keys to their property.

How Do I start?

The most important ingredient for any successful franchise business is the advertising. Eventually, jobs come about through word of mouth, which I consider the best form of advertising - but of course you have to rely solely on advertising for quite a long time before this happens. We have had many more enquiries via the website than any other form of advertising as our target audience is mainly in the UK - easily reached by an online presence.

As we already have a name for ourselves, half the job is already done!

Normally, you can arrange a meeting with enquiring owners to discuss their requirements when they next visit Spain, but occassionally they may give you the go ahead just based on correspondence or telephone calls. We have even been asked to furnish a house, supervise a pool to be built, and get the garden landscaped by an owner who had never even visited the property she bought in preparation for letting!

If I am interested in a property management franchise with Citrus Iberia, where do I go from here, how much does it cost and what do I get for my money? >> More info

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